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What kind of machine equipment is used for the glue on the o

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Recently, a lot of customers asked me which kind of machine I want to use to glue the edge of shoe opening?
As for the problem of glue on the opening edge of shoes, we recommend using the common dispenser.
Dispensing machine is much better than manual in all aspects, no matter in efficiency or quality, it is much better than manual. Here is an introduction to dispensing machine.
Dispensing machine is also known as glue applicator and glue applicator in the market. It is a new intelligent machine, which is used to control the fluid precisely. Now the dispensing machine on the market is divided into single liquid dispensing machine and double liquid dispensing machine. The single liquid dispensing machine is divided into controller dispensing machine and desktop dispensing machine. There is also a more advanced dispensing machine is the visual dispensing machine, which uses an advanced positioning system is the visual positioning system. It can be glued on the opening edge of the shoe accurately
Well, the above is about the introduction of what equipment should be used for the opening edge glue of shoes. In this case, the conventional dispenser is competent.