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How to package chips in automatic dispensing machine

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In the digital era, the network post is the biggest cake of the large-scale shopping malls, and chip packaging is always a difficulty in the post.
In recent years, the technology of automatic dispensing machine is developing continuously, and it has a breakthrough in precision.
So how does the automatic dispenser package the chips?
Then the Chinese system will provide you with the most detailed analysis.
Mainly we start from the most surface packaging, also known as surface coating.
After the chip is welded, we can apply the adhesive with low viscosity and strong fluidity to the chip and the solder joint through the active automatic dispenser and form a film, so that the chip can better prevent the corrosion and interference of foreign matters, play a protective role, and extend the service life of the chip.
Secondly, the lowest layer is added.
The fixed space of the chip is smaller than that of the chip during the flip operation, so it is difficult to bond.
If the chip is hit or heated up, it will crack the bumps in the chip, which will cause the chip to lose its function.