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Can the coating of hardware parts play a protective role?

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  Now more and more manufacturers in order to make the use time of parts become longer, they will protect the parts, so that the use time of parts become longer, then can the part coating protection really play a role?
  Nowadays, many parts are made of iron. Most of them can't be used because of rust. Is it useful to protect the parts by coating?
  Rust of iron is actually a complex chemical reaction. Generally speaking, rust is brownish red. In different situations, rust is different. Rust of iron occurs when iron contacts with oxygen and water, and then iron oxide occurs after chemical reaction. Therefore, if you want to avoid rust, you need not contact iron with oxygen and water, so parts Coating protection is useful.
  However, if the parts are not completely covered during coating, rust will still occur, and if each part is coated manually, the production efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the cost will be increased. If the parts are coated, the automatic coating machine can be used, so how to choose the automatic coating machine to protect the parts?
  The coating precision, efficiency and quality of the recommended coating machine are all very good. It is controlled by PLC controller. PLC is a better system that can store a variety of coating methods in the system. The coating machine with this controller has a good function of stopping the glue, so that the coating machine will not be like drawing or leaking during the operation In this case, glue and dropping glue can guarantee the operation quality of the coating machine and better protect the parts.