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What's the difference between glue filling machine and dispe

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  As more and more manufacturers begin to use dispensers and dispensers, there are more and more products that can use dispensers and dispensers, so dispensers and dispensers have become indispensable automatic production equipment in the market. Do you know the difference between dispensers and dispensers?
  The dispensing amount is different. The dispensing machine is a kind of dispensing equipment with a small amount or a very accurate amount of glue, while the filling machine is the kind that needs a large amount of glue for the manufacturers to use. Then there is the glue. The dispenser usually orders a single part of the glue, while the dispenser usually orders a double part of the glue. Then the glue supply mode is different. For dispensing machine, the glue supply mode is generally to use air pressure to squeeze the glue into the dispensing valve and then start dispensing. For dispensing machine, the mechanical force is generally used to press the glue into the dispensing valve, which is the difference between dispensing machine and dispensing machine.
  There is also the dispensing machine is generally that kind of dot or line or some shape of dispensing, and the glue filling machine is for electronic products to waterproof a large number of glue filling. Then the application of dispensing products is totally different. The dispensing machine is generally used for precise dispensing, and the glue filling machine is generally used for waterproof glue filling of electronic products. Then the dispensing machine is divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic, while the filling machine is only semi-automatic. If you want to achieve full-automatic, you need to install appropriate accessories to achieve full-automatic operation. There is also the difference between the price and the service life. The price of the dispenser is cheaper than that of the filling machine. Because of the different structure, the service life of the dispenser will be longer. Although it seems that the dispenser is more cost-effective, it is still necessary to choose the dispensing equipment suitable for its own products.