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Use method of conductive adhesive and machine matching

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  There are many ways to use conductive adhesive in the market. However, when it is used in combination with automatic dispensing machine, there is a relative lack of the way to use the combination of machine and glue. At present, the manufacturer's production is basically a combination of machine and manual production, and the speed and quality have been improved. Today, I want to talk about the use of conductive adhesive dispensing methods and the types of machines that can be matched.
  Conductive adhesive is a kind of conductive adhesive after solidification, which is widely used in electronic instruments. Due to the improvement of PCB production technology, the smaller the product specification, in order to save cost, it can be combined with automatic dispensing machine as dispensing tool. A machine speed is four times of that of manual, and the price only needs four months of labor wage, so it can enjoy the fun of automatic dispensing equipment for life. At the same time, it can It also meets the dispensing requirements of conductive adhesive.

  Usage of conductive adhesive

  Pour the purchased bulk conductive adhesive into the pressure barrel, then connect the rubber tube to the machine, input the parameters to be programmed, and then debug the rubber output accuracy, then it can be used directly. This is the use method of bulk conductive adhesive, and there is also the use method of support. Generally, the support will be stored in the way of 50ml or single 30ml, which is more convenient to use, can be directly connected to the controller, and then fixed in the Automatic dispensing machine, you can carry out dispensing.
  Conductive glue dispenser is our traditional three-axis automatic dispenser, which is made for conductive glue dispensing requirements on accessories. It is also called conductive glue dispenser by the manufacturer. The type of machine produced to solve the problem of conductive glue is the same as that of the automatic dispenser. If you have a direct demand, you can find our manufacturer directly, which can be found in five years Born to produce a conductive glue dispenser