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How to solve the problem that the dispensing syringe is bloc

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  The plugging of dispensing syringe is generally caused by improper operation and glue solidification. How to solve these problems requires careful operation and familiarity with glue properties. These two points are necessary. When we use a three-axis dispensing machine for conductive glue dispensing, it will be matched with dispensing syringe. Due to the high viscosity of glue, the selection of dispensing needle cannot be too small, and reverse leakage of glue will occur.

  Specification of dispensing syringe

  The dispensing needle can affect the dispensing accuracy, small specification and high precision. The main reason why the needle affects the dispensing accuracy is that the glue viscosity is high and the fluidity is poor. Although the air pressure in the dispensing needle cylinder provides the extruding power, the needle is small and the extruding difficulty is large, which will still lead to the blocking of the dispensing needle cylinder. It is better to be able to do what kind of glue should be used to configure the needle Test, otherwise the size of the needle does not meet the dispensing requirements of the industry. Some industries use glue with high viscosity and high precision requirements. The use of the needle is more exquisite, or the dispensing problem will occur directly.
  The three-axis dispensing machine uses conductive glue to dispense glue on the circuit board. At present, the integration of the electronic industry is very high, and it is difficult to meet the dispensing requirements without making accessories. What type of dispensing syringe and dispensing needle should be calculated before automatic dispensing. The dispensing needle has a very large role. The conductive glue is stored in the dispensing syringe, and dispensing with 22G or 25g needle, which is too small and easy to block, Too large dispensing accuracy is insufficient, which is very passive.
  The plugging of the dispensing syringe of conductive adhesive is generally due to the solidification of the needle and glue. If this problem is to be solved, it must be operated according to the two, so as not to cause the plugging of the dispensing syringe, otherwise it will still occur. The dispensing problem of the dispensing syringe directly affects the product quality.