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How to control the parameters of glue filling equipment

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  The glue filling control is directly related to the use of glue and the machine. It needs to be equipped with an appropriate automatic dispenser to better realize the glue filling control. Among them, the adjustment of glue filling parameters is of great help to the existing production technology. Any adjustment parameters are adjusted from the machine and can be adjusted in different industries. For example, the glue filling equipment parameters and TV sets are used for the screen glue filling The dispensing parameters are different, and the filling value of the filling valve used is not correct.
  The main control system, filling valve and controller for filling control parameters are three parts. The control system will be equipped with a handle or touch screen for parameter input, while the filling valve will adjust the size of the glue output (fine adjustment), and control and adjust the size of the air pressure (coarse adjustment), so as to achieve the accuracy control of the glue volume. The control range is large, which can meet the requirements of the coating of various products. If the basic design parameters are not available For example, 5:1 glue will be used for TV dispensing, the dispensing precision is 0.3mm, and the width is 0.2mm, so as to meet TV dispensing.
  The glue filling control parameter of the glue filling valve is to use the fine adjustment device and the mixing tube, generally the needle tube control accuracy, and the size of the tube directly affects the glue output. It can be filled according to the display screen, according to our existing production demand, and make the corresponding machine. According to our existing production technology demand, it can be done. This is also the reason. In order to meet the requirements of the glue filling control parameter, it is necessary to do so Customized, the machine used for TV dispensing is completely different from that used for screen dispensing, and the parameters of the glue filling valve used are also different, so all things need to be debugged.