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YX axis adjustment method of dispensing machine

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  There are some novices in dispensing fine adjustment. They don't understand the secondary adjustment very well, which is easy to lead to dispensing deviation. Especially the equipment manufacturer that uses the dispensing syringe, because after dispensing, take out the dispensing syringe and put it in again, and the position can be changed, so the secondary fine adjustment needs to be carried out. In fact, the YX axis adjustment is very simple, that is, they don't understand the dispensing machine, which leads to dispensing deviation Poor, you need to adjust the method of YX axis adjustment.
  Use silica gel dispenser to dispense glue for mobile phone, use supporting glass glue, change glue in production process to avoid dispensing deviation, teach you to adjust YX axis of dispensing, first, put glue in silica gel sleeve, then control X axis of silica gel dispenser to the starting point, aim at the first point, fine-tuning device of dispensing machine, and control dispensing height If the dispensing fine adjustment is achieved, the YX axis adjustment is completed, which is also convenient for dispensing. The dispensing effect will not be affected by changing the glue.
  Use desktop dispensing machine platform machine to dispensing on mobile phone, this way can be used to adjust the precision, silica gel dispensing or other types of dispensing can be used, there is a fine adjustment device beside the number of control files, which can debug YX axis, so that dispensing can achieve professional functions, and it is also convenient for production with existing dispensing, the actual dispensing technology will have better use effect, silica gel dispensing machine dispensing on mobile phone only It is one of them. At present, the constant control system can be used for the three-axis dispenser in the market.