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Seven advantages of fully automatic glue filling machine pro

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  First, accurate and accurate recording. The automatic glue filling machine uses the metering pump to record the quantity and strictly implements the formulation of the comparison column. The comparison column is accurate and the formulation error is + - 1%; the dispensing is accurate and strictly implements the required quantity and dispensing. It can be tested according to the high precision electronic scale.
  Second, it is stable, the glue is relatively stable, and will not be interfered by the surrounding environment.
  Three, even, mix well. The dynamic mixing is selected for the automatic glue filling machine. The DC brush less motor can push the mixing core to rotate 800-1200 times in one minute. The uniform mixing of the AB glue is completed to ensure that the AB glue is fully mixed and avoid the situation of air drying, non drying and irregular drying.
  Four, bubble. There is no bubble in the AB glue. Before pouring, the automatic glue pouring machine vacuumizes the AB glue, sucks the gas out of the AB glue and pours out the AB glue without bubble.
  Five, simple, easy to use, graphic interface operation panel, simple and clear, after finishing the system for different commodities, the next time you can start it immediately. The maintenance is simple. Replace the rubber sealing ring every quarter and put the butter on the rail.
  Six, save, automatic filling machine work efficiency is high, each equipment can save five to six labor costs. The equipment is fully automatic to prepare how much to match and how much to match. It is more economical to use abglue. It will not make the floor worktable full of abglue. Each device can be used for a long time.
  Seven, safe, worry free, use equipment to pour glue, not for off-season can not afford to raise people, peak can not recruit people and worry.
  To sum up, these are the features of the automatic glue filling machine. I look forward to assisting you in completing the automatic glue filling. For more information about the glue filling machine, please pay attention to the automation website of Sinochem.