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Problems and solutions caused by silica gel plugging

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  Long time stagnation without dispensing causes silica gel to block in the dispensing valve, which leads to the problem that dispensing cannot be carried out. What method should be used to solve the operation problem? First place the dispensing valve in clear water for soaking, then poke the hard glue in the middle with a hard pipe, and then slowly clean the blocked glue.
  The blocked dispensing valve is generally unusable. Although it can remove some glue inside the dispensing valve, there are still a lot of glue inside, which leads to the worse fluidity of silica gel, which is not very beneficial to production. To solve the existing production problems, it is suggested to replace a silica gel dispensing valve, the glue output is affected, and the effect of silica gel dispensing is seriously affected, which is not conducive to production.
  Silica gel plugging has a great impact on dispensing. If you want to solve this problem, you can clean the dispensing valve when the glue is not dry, which can solve the problem of silica gel plugging. The same is true for the pipeline. Because silica gel sticking is different from the general glue and has poor liquidity. Adding the blocked glue valve, there is no way to achieve dispensing. Silica gel plugging has a great impact on dispensing Not conducive to production.
  The dispensing valve matched with the silica gel dispensing machine is a large flow valve with good fluidity, and it is equipped with air cylinder. The internal air pressure of the rubber valve is stronger than that of the general dispensing valve, so the fluidity of silica gel dispensing is particularly good. The dispensing of products meeting the requirements of large flow is the effect of silica gel dispensing valve, which is also very convenient for cleaning, and the effect of the special products is good.