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Does the poor fluidity of silica gel affect the dispensing e

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  The fluidity of silica gel refers to the natural downward inclination of glue, and how about the fluidity speed. Water is the standard fluidity. The viscosity of silica gel is about 8000-30000. The viscosity of 10000 glue is almost the same as that of household toothpaste. The natural fluidity is low, of course, it does not affect the effect of automatic machine dispensing. According to the requirements of silica gel dispensing, a batch of suitable silica gel for automatic use is manufactured Dispensing machine and accessories, specially for silicone dispensing.
  Silica gel dispenser is a machine type manufactured for silica gel dispensing. It has made corresponding accessories for silica gel fluidity to prevent silica gel from blocking. The special machine can fully meet the requirements of glue use. It can also select appropriate dispensing accessories according to the glue characteristics and product dispensing requirements. Generally, our manufacturer will recommend which accessories you use to meet the dispensing requirements. Accessories of dispensing industry There are a lot of machines, at least hundreds of them. According to the requirements of different types of products, there are too many types of glue. The details of glue produced by each manufacturer are different.
  Silica gel plugging is a common problem. In fact, silica gel is slow to solidify. Although it is used the next day, it can be used even if the surface is solidified. If it is more than two or three days, you need to pay attention to cleaning the dispensing valve once, so as to avoid silica gel plugging in the dispensing valve and unable to dispensing again. To use silica gel dispensing, you must understand the characteristics of the glue, so as to use it better The glue is different every time, and the machine is a large type, not a specific manufacturing.
  Silica gel dispensing needs to understand the characteristics and fluidity, combined with its own production requirements, select the appropriate automatic dispensing machine for its production, so as to achieve the ideal production effect. Silica gel dispensing machine has a general degree of automation, to solve the problem of glue transportation and dispensing finalization, and the production becomes more convenient, multi person post, single person post, and the cost is smaller.