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ne component glue meeting the adhesive requirements of energ

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  There are many types of single component glue. Which one meets the glue requirements of LED energy saving lamp? If the manufacturer doesn't know about glue, you can find us to make it! It can produce LED energy-saving light dispenser, and recommend the glue meeting the production requirements to the manufacturer. The two can be done at one time, without the need for the manufacturer to connect the two ends, which is the effect of the manufacturer with strength and responsibility.
  Glue suitable for energy saving lamp bonding
  For the glue requirements of energy-saving lamps, choose the appropriate glue. Take the past led lamp products of our Chinese dispensing machine manufacturers as an example, we recommend the manufacturers to use silica gel, because silica gel has softness after solidification, and also has bonding, heat insulation and protection effects. If the bulb is used continuously, it will generate heat. Generally, temperature resistant glue does not meet the requirements, and silica gel is a single component glue It is easy to use and glue flow control is also very simple.
  The table top double Y-axis automatic dispensing machine is used with silica gel dispensing valve to make fixed fixture for placing LED energy-saving lamp before dispensing. The whole machine is produced by the manufacturer, which only takes about ten days, including two or three days for express delivery. It takes time to send samples and machines, and then it takes time to design and proofing. Only when every detail is completed can the machine be delivered, otherwise every The second door-to-door after-sales service is not a good thing for your company and our company. It's a waste of time.
   Glue flow control technology has been very mature. Single component glue and two-component glue have corresponding control technology, including dispensing valve for glue viscosity. Silica gel dispensing is applied to silica gel dispensing valve, which is a professional valve specially made for silica gel. For the glue flow control effect is better and the fluidity is better, so that the glue flow can not be controlled and the problems of glue leakage and wire drawing will not occur. Our company has dozens of machines for glue dispensing with LED energy-saving lamp, including double Y-axis automatic dispenser, ball bubble dispenser, desktop dispenser, gantry dispenser, etc.