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It's easy to solve the problem of glue filling. Let's see

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Common glue filling problems: glue leakage, uneven glue mixing, insufficient glue dispensing width, intermittent glue filling flow, etc. there is only one factor for common glue filling problems, that is, improper operation, failure to operate according to the instructions, some novices do not understand the glue filling machine at all, which directly leads to glue filling problems. Let's analyze the solutions to the problems method.
In case of glue filling problems, the operation is generally not in place. If the delivery of glue filling is not smooth, first check whether the accessories on the stainless steel pressure barrel cover are not tightened, and there is air leakage, resulting in insufficient air pressure, no power to deliver glue. Second, check whether the hose is bent, resulting in glue blockage and poor delivery. Then check whether the dispensing valve and controller work normally, All of these will affect the fluency of glue filling and delivery.
The rubber conveying pipe shall be replaced within a certain period of time, but it cannot be used for a long time. After the long-term abrasion of the glue, it is easy to break and the glue leaks, resulting in problems, which directly affect the glue filling effect of the glue filling machine. The glue filling problem can be solved by turning off the glue filling machine, pouring the glue into the pressure bucket, replacing the hose, and then carrying out the glue transportation.
To eliminate the problem of glue filling caused by the pipe of glue filling machine, we can see whether the working state of glue valve and glue controller is different. To solve the problem of glue filling, we must carry out machine cleaning, clean the inside of glue. The second use will not cause glue filling problem, and maintenance is also a very important step. After all, it's machine equipment, which is easy without good work maintenance In case of machine failure, it needs to be done carefully to solve the problem of glue filling!.