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The manufacturing function of automatic glue sprayer and the

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  The automatic glue spraying machine has the high efficiency of improving the production line of industrial production level. Although the function of the machine and equipment has improved the quality and efficiency of manufactured goods, the production of industrial equipment is not an easy task. The design of industrial equipment must go through a series of steps, not only the guiding ideology of composition, but also the experiment and actual operation Only by doing this well can the characteristics of the equipment be brought into full play. According to the description below, the relevant indications can be grasped for the customization steps of the glue sprayer.
  Most of the automatic glue sprayers and dispensers in the adhesive application manufacturing industry have exceeded the popularization. Nowadays, most of the adhesive application companies do not have to have at least one full-automatic glue sprayer or automatic glue applicator. However, with the increasing popularity of the application field and the increasingly strict regulations on the spray glue processing technology, the general automatic spray glue equipment can not fully consider the requirements of the manufacturing industry, and customized according to customer satisfaction has become a requirement of the sales market. Give us a detailed introduction of the steps to solve the problem.
  The first is that the customer introduces to carry out the inquiry in detail according to the enterprise website or pen friend. Then, the project engineer will analyze the customer's requirements, according to the processing technology and requirements described by the customer, integrate the work experience of the technical engineer for many years, and strongly recommend and analyze the solution of the spray glue suitable for the customer. After mutual contact and determination, the The project engineer announces the design scheme of the capital input model and the design scheme of the electronic device management program. The technical engineer submits the engineering drawings with good design scheme to the quality control department, and then the capital is invested to announce the manufacturing.
  The whole process of product research and development of all design schemes is in seven days. After the mechanical and electrical specialty, the manufacturing unit will carry out the finished product inspection, and the qualified products will be supplied after the customer's project acceptance. The whole process of acceptance and supply of all manufacturing projects must also be based on seven days. Therefore, if the plan is customized, it must be based on half a month.
  Although it will take a little longer than buying the standard configuration model, the automatic machinery tailored for the company will improve the efficiency of the company in the processing process. Therefore, many companies are still very popular for their own company tailor-made full-automatic glue sprayer or automatic glue applicator.