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How much is the price of a desktop automatic dispenser?

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  The price of tabletop automatic dispenser is determined by the specification, accessories and process. The specification is large, there are many materials needed, and the price is high. In addition, the quality of the accessories produced by each manufacturer is different. For example, the difference between the import price and the domestic price is larger. Which manufacturer's accessories to choose also determines the price of tabletop dispenser. This is the so-called "wool comes from sheep". Good machine, price High.
  Generally, the price of tabletop dispenser is about thirteen thousand four (the core accessories are all imported or domestic famous brands), and the standard three-axis machine, including dispenser controller, dispenser syringe and fixture (a set), has one-year after-sales guarantee. In the previous year, I didn't know how to use the machine, and there may be many after-sales problems. After one-year use, I am familiar with the operation skills All of them can solve the problem of glue application of existing machines. Although there will be special personnel training in the early stage, they have not experienced the problem. They are sure that they cannot learn the essence. The operation is easy to have problems, resulting in the movement problem of dispensing machine, which is the most common after-sales problem.
  At present, the price of standard and high-quality tabletop automatic dispenser in the market is this price, and there are also optional prices. For example, if anaerobic glue is needed, it should be matched with anaerobic glue dispensing valve. In general, the standard tabletop dispenser is a dispensing needle cylinder, and it should be matched with anaerobic glue dispensing valve. The cost is about 500 yuan. On the basis of the original, some more will be added. The cost of dispensing valve and dispensing pressure barrel is not the same Including the price of the machine, which belongs to the optional device, the price will be more. Due to some accuracy requirements, the anaerobic glue dispenser is equipped with screw glue dispensing valve, which is more expensive. The price of this valve is about 12000. The price of accessories is linked to that of desktop glue dispenser, so why some machines are expensive and some are cheap.
  Anaerobic glue dispenser is a kind of machine which takes tabletop glue dispenser as the core support and is equipped with different accessories. The produced machine mainly uses anaerobic glue for dispensing. Other types of glue are not easy to use. It can be used with anaerobic glue, including screw glue, which conforms to the use of anaerobic glue dispenser. The machine type is changed, which is different from the original standard, and the price is different.
  The price of desktop automatic dispenser is high and low according to the requirements. Why don't we make a quotation directly? The reason is that different accessories, different cost and after-sale cost are the main factors determining the price. If you want to know the price of desktop dispenser, you can directly consult us! After a certain understanding, the price of the machine can be quoted.