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Glue the transverse side of CD box

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  The glue used for CD box gluing is quick drying glue. According to the glue technical requirements, the use of anaerobic glue dispensing valve can more meet the production requirements. In order to solve the existing gluing requirements, an anaerobic glue dispenser with anaerobic glue dispensing valve is specially produced for CD box gluing, which can solve the cross edge gluing requirements of the box.

  Advantages of using machine glue

  The desktop platform is used as the support structure, and the three-axis linkage mode is used to realize the multi track gluing function. Both the plane and the curved surface can realize the gluing. At present, the technology required for the gluing of CD box can be solved. The main reason why the anaerobic glue dispensing valve does not react with the quick drying glue is that the material used for the glue cylinder is a material that does not react with the glue and continues to do so The main feature of anaerobic glue dispenser is that there is no blocking problem in glue dispensing.

  Apply glue to CD case

  As long as the anaerobic glue dispenser is used to make a fixture suitable for CD box placement, and several fixtures are manufactured at the same time, which are placed in turn, the fast drying glue setting speed also takes one minute. Within one minute, the whole adhesive strip is pasted, and the glue application speed is about 3 seconds, and ten products are pasted completely. The glue application width is accurate, the glue application amount is stable, the glue application layer is very thin, and there is no glue overflow problem , and the bonding surface is very uniform, there is no defect, this is to use our anaerobic glue dispenser, I can guarantee it!
  The technical requirements for CD box gluing are not very high. The tabletop type three-axis anaerobic glue dispenser can meet the production needs. In order to solve the existing gluing problem, the automatic machine is used to draw the wire, uneven or different glue thickness of the manual gluing, which results in poor gluing effect and the product is affected. Now there is a machine to solve this problem.