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Suitable application industry and glue of automatic dispensi

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  The automatic dispensing machine is widely used. On the ground, on the water and in the sky, it can be involved only by applying different dispensing technologies. With the improvement of our production effect, the application range is more and more extensive. Today, I want to summarize what industries and glues our automatic dispensing machine is suitable for.
  I. applicable liquid
  All kinds of solutions, adhesives, paints, chemical materials, solid adhesives, etc., including silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV adhesive, AB adhesive, quick drying adhesive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, hot adhesive, grease, silver adhesive, red adhesive, solder paste, heat dissipation paste, anti solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent, woodworking adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic adhesive, anti abrasion adhesive, crystal adhesive, filling adhesive, horn adhesive, instant adhesive Rubber, paint, enamel, lacquer, ink, pigment, etc.
  2、 Application field
  Dispensing machine is applicable to all fields of industrial production: mobile phone keys, printing, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, horns, buzzers, electronic components, integrated circuits, circuit boards, LCD LCD screens, relays, hoists, crystal elements, LED lights, shell bonding, optical lenses, mechanical parts sealing, etc.
  These industries can meet the production demand. They are all the actual production and application industries of our company. There are more than ten kinds of machines produced, including full-automatic glue pouring machine, desktop glue dispensing machine, ball foam glue dispensing machine, silica gel glue dispensing machine, epoxy resin glue dispensing machine, visual glue dispensing machine and jet glue dispensing machine. They are all the existing technical types and can be customized according to the actual production situation Type of machine required.