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How to use 300ml silica gel for dispensing machine

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  There are many types of silica gel glue, including branch, toothpaste and bulk. Many people are different in how to use 30ml of branch silica gel. Today, our company's project answers for you how to use 300ml of branch silica gel for dispensing, omitting the troublesome steps of extruding the glue.
  In order to use 300ml of branch silica gel, our company has produced an accessory, which just can put 300ml of branch silica gel into it. It is called silica gel sleeve. The silica gel cylinder can put 290ml ~ 330ml of branch glue. It is also equipped with an adapter, which is connected with the air pressure to extrude the glue from the cylinder, transport it out of the adapter, and then to the needle or to the point glue valve. See how the manufacturer needs it The method can solve the problem of 300 ml silica gel dispensing.
  Silica gel dispensing has been thoroughly studied. For any type of glue, our company has appropriate production equipment, like toothpaste, with toothpaste tubes, which can also be sleeved in, and then dispensing. In bulk, there are stainless steel pressure barrels for glue storage. These are all ways to achieve silica gel dispensing. In terms of dispensing machine, there are also automatic dispensing machine and semi-automatic dispensing machine, as well as non-standard production machine (full automatic production, no need for manual assistance). All of them can realize dispensing.
  If you need 300ml dispensing technology or machine, you can find our company! There is a special reception business, you can proofread for free, let your company see if it meets the needs of production in the industry.