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What are the advantages of silica gel

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As a hot glue type, silica gel has many advantages, including sealing, bonding, water-proof, insulation, non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-free, etc. silica gel is widely used in various industries, that is, silica gel has many advantages, and its price is cheap. Silica gel dispensing is used in electronics, lamps, toys, medical and other industries.
Silica gel dispenser, as a special equipment for silica gel dispensing, has a special understanding of the use of silica gel, and also has a special production equipment, so that silica gel dispensing can be realized. For example, when using 300ml support silica gel dispensing, appropriate silica gel sleeve and adapter need to be configured, so as to avoid extrusion of glue water from 300ml support silica gel, and then dispensing, which will waste glue if not used up The inside of the glue cylinder can avoid the glue deterioration. It takes a long time and reduces the production cost.
The glue used for glue dispensing of bulb lamp is also silica gel. The equipment is silica gel dispenser, and the equipment and accessories are specially set for silica gel, which shows that silica gel has a very suitable dispensing effect. According to the data provided by glue factory, silica gel accounts for about one tenth of each glue consumption, and thousands of tons of glue are consumed every year. From this value, we can see how much silica gel has advantages. Every year, bulb glue machine The amount of silica gel used for lamp dispensing is very large.
300ml silica gel is just one of the silica gel packaging. It was used for gluing of building doors and windows before. Now, there is a new silica gel dispenser, which can also be used for gluing of bulb lamp or in the industry with high accuracy requirements. The production and application have been greatly improved. If you are interested in silica gel dispenser, you can find our manufacturer and free proofing for you.