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Causes and solutions of shaft noise of automatic silicone di

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  The mechanical shaft noise of the automatic silicone dispensing machine is generally caused by insufficient maintenance. The mechanical shaft noise will cause insufficient lubricating oil. After all, the machine is a machine with a long service time, but no maintenance. Basically, noise, jamming, movement, etc. will occur. Long term use requires frequent maintenance to stabilize the machine type.

  Causes of noise

  Long term use of full-automatic dispenser for dispensing without maintenance will lead to no lubrication of the guide rail, which will lead to movement deviation of the mechanical shaft, very precise structure of the machine, and structural error, which will directly lead to deviation of the x-axis and the y-axis, resulting in noise of the mechanical shaft, no matter for a long time, which will directly lead to complete waste of the mechanical arm of the full-automatic dispenser, for example: the silicone dispenser is in the bulb lamp Dispensing, 24 hours a day production, mechanical shaft will have a great burden, lubrication consumption is also very large, is not conducive to silicone dispensing machine for a long time to carry out bulb lamp dispensing, the effect will become very poor.


  The main reason of mechanical shaft noise is insufficient lubrication of mechanical shaft, which can be lubricated according to the use time. For example, the silicone dispenser is usually used for eight hours, and the lubrication can be done once every two weeks, with 12 hours of production, once a week and a half of lubrication. Continuous production requires weekly lubrication to ensure that there is no noise in the dispensing of bulb lamp, and the production rhythm also exists.
  At present, the automatic dispensing machine is basically the same. The dispensing effect of bulb lamp is also realized around the dispensing equipment. The noise of the mechanical shaft directly causes the product to be unable to continue. The gain is not worth the loss. It can also damage the silica gel dispenser. The bulb lamp produced is definitely not good at dispensing.