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Glue dispensing at cable headphone cable connector

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  The dispensing of earphone line belongs to the mature technology of our company, which generally uses the common glue of UV glue. In terms of machine configuration, our company develops a special technology type, called UV dispensing machine, which adopts the desktop structure platform and the dispensing device of UV lamp, which can quickly achieve the dispensing and solidification effect and accelerate the production speed of earphone line.
  Glue dispensing at the headphone interface can improve the stress of the interface and the line. Generally, the interface is plugged into the mobile phone or computer and is often pulled. If it only relies on injection molding soft glue and solder joint, it is easy to be pulled off. After glue dispensing, the stress surface is all on the glue, and the glue has a good pulling performance, which can protect the interface. Generally, the quality and life of the glue dispensing headphone line are better than those without glue dispensing.
  Although there is a great demand for glue amount control in headphone line dispensing, the UV dispenser produced by our company meets the dispensing requirements. It has already delivered machines for apple, millet, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers. In terms of UV glue dispensing, our company is still very strong, with the support of specialized UV lamp manufacturers and the configuration of exclusive UV lamp. It only takes 2 seconds for headphone line dispensing to allow UV glue to completely solidify.
  In the aspect of UV glue, you can choose our UV glue dispenser! The price of the machine is mainly related to the manufacturer's choice of accessories. The price of a common machine is about 15000. The internal core basically adopts the product combination of domestic and foreign famous brands, and the service life is about four to five years. If you have demand, or you can contact us, the glue dispensing of headphone cable and data cable can be realized, and the glue dispensing of other UVs still meets the requirements. Our company has Spare non-standard design technology, can be customized to meet the requirements of the machine for manufacturers.
  Data line dispensing is the same as headphone line dispensing. Dispensing is conducted at the interface and the line. The two UV dispensing technologies are the same. Our UV dispensing machine can meet the requirements. If you are interested, you can have an interview!