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How to use anaerobic glue for dispensing

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  It needs some skills to use anaerobic glue. At present, our company has developed two methods that meet the requirements of anaerobic glue use, manual and automatic. According to previous experience, manual glue dispensing is used. At present, it has been eliminated and generally replaced by machines. The advantages of using machines are that the accuracy of glue dispensing is high, the amount of glue can be controlled, the production speed is accelerated, the work station arrangement is convenient, and the recruitment difficulties are solved Question. Anaerobic dispensing machine (automatic machine) and peristaltic dispensing machine (manual machine) can be used.
  Anaerobic glue dispenser is composed of three-axis automatic glue dispenser platform and anaerobic glue dispenser valve, which can realize automatic glue dispensing and gluing functions. Products are placed manually, and automatic glue dispensing is realized by the machine. It takes about 0.8-1.2 seconds to complete each product, which is fast. The production at the same time every day is four to five times that of manual production (after actual test). It also solves the problem of blocking when using anaerobic glue. The anaerobic glue dispensing valve is specially made for anaerobic glue, and the glue quantity is controlled stably.
  As a manual dispensing device, the peristaltic dispensing machine needs manual assistance in dispensing, but the dispensing speed is very fast, because the glue output can be controlled in a stable range, and you can solve the difficult problem of glue control from the inside. There is also a foot device, fix the dispensing pen, take the product with both hands, and then dispensing, so it can solve the dispensing problem very well, and the production speed is faster than the manual control, The speed of production is between two and three times that of manual work.
  There are many ways to use anaerobic glue. You can select the appropriate machine type according to the needs of the enterprise. Choosing anaerobic glue dispenser or peristaltic glue dispenser can improve the production speed of the manufacturer. Just as the automatic glue applicator is used in other industries, the dispensing effect is faster, the production steps are simple, and the speed will be obviously improved. In addition, using anaerobic glue, anaerobic glue The dispensing machine has a good performance.