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Floor type automatic dispensing machine why glue out?

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Floor type automatic dispensing machine is mainly used in the field of high repeatability of the production line, the structure of large floor type dispensing station is very wide, better than the effect of dispensing equipment in general more practical, the glue is poor user to ask more questions, so what happened?
Large floor type automatic dispensing machine
A poor adhesive is mainly reflected in many ways, the dispensing path is one aspect of influencing the dispensing quality, because the floor type dispenser dispensing work need to perform high repeatability, so sometimes the automatic detection system of the deviation, prone to the problem of uneven dispensing path, can only solve the automatic detection system of work by changing the relevant parameters, can solve the problem of uneven dispensing path in the dispensing machine accessories, by replacing the dispensing needle can make the dispensing path consistent.
Vertical vision automatic dispensing machine
The dispensing quality directly affects the bonding effect on objects, usually affecting the quality of automatic dispensing dispensing dispensing machine in addition to the problem itself may also be dispensing glue, glue dispensing some inferior usually very low viscosity adhesive is easy to occur when aligning the pieces out problems such as the replacement dispensing using the glue can solve the problem of sparse glue automatic dispensing process, of course, can also be solved by floor heating device type automatic dispensing machine configuration, the heating device can improve the flow of glue temperature, can solve the problem of low viscosity glue.
High speed vision automatic dispensing machine
Effect of automatic dispensing glue effect is the main common problems of glue glue bubbles, need to be stirred evenly in normal use before sealing glue machine is an important factor to prevent dispensing bubbles can be removed, this part of the bubble through the dispensing vacuum deaeration treatment.