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Why does the automatic dispensing machine leak?

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Visual automatic dispensing machine belongs to a new dispensing device, through the visual positioning technology for dispensing positioning of the gluing effect is more precise, visual dispenser is generally adopts a floor type structure to build, so work intensity higher fault less, some users may find the problem of air leakage in the use of visual automatic dispensing machine. This is mainly caused by multiple factors.
Single station automatic dispensing machine
First consider the working interface of the visual automatic dispensing machine, which is made by the integrated design concept of floor type, so the service life is long and durable. Influence of gas leakage caused by the very much, will affect the internal working parts durability, will let the bubble glue dispensing and affect the normal dispensing effect, if the pressure pipe automatic dispensing machine at the leak check whether tracheal rupture, will tighten the interface can not be solved if the replacement of a new dispensing pipe, if is the adapter part of visual dispenser leakage can be tightened.
Single station three axis automatic dispensing machine
If the internal visual dispenser there are still air, will affect the normal use of the glue dispensing effect, bubbles will make the viscosity of the glue and glue barrel effect is reduced, carefully check whether the sealing glue storage standard, if the glue barrel leak to tighten the plastic barrel sealing cover.
Hot melt adhesive automatic dispensing machine
General visual automatic dispensing machine will be equipped with automatic suction function to handle drawing and drip dispensing problems, if the operator does not have the correct use of automatic suction function will cause leakage problems, if the suction pressure is adjusted too high to make the external air into the dispenser dispensing machine through the dispensing needle, also there will be leakage phenomenon, the debugging work will link to the suction function normal adjustment can be put into use.