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What kind of dispensing equipment is required for screw disp

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  The machine requirements for screw dispensing are mainly glue. This is a special glue, called screw glue. Although the glue is not very thick, it is very sticky. It is difficult to clean it when it is bonded to aluminum and stainless steel materials. Generally, the dispensing valve made of special materials is required to meet the use requirements. Today, talk about the appropriate dispensing valve and machine for screw dispensing.
  The machines that meet the requirements of screw dispensing are anaerobic glue dispensing machine and anaerobic glue dispensing valve, which are mainly on the dispensing valve. The materials used are Teflon and aluminum, and the materials for glue storage position are Teflon. This kind of material is characterized by no reaction with glue, no reaction with screw glue at the same time, internal solidification of glue, easy cleaning of a Teflon material, and alcohol I Next clean, this is the characteristics of anaerobic glue dispensing valve.
  Features of anaerobic glue dispenser: it is to control the accuracy and the effect of dispensing. Accessories only play an auxiliary role. The core is still on the machine. The constant control system can control all dispensing parameters, adjust the dispensing speed, time, closing time, drawing length, early receiving and so on. These are the core functions of anaerobic glue dispenser. The core of screw dispensing is machine selection.
  The screw dispensing requires high dispensing accuracy, because the screw inner hole is relatively small, the precision control is insufficient, and the dispensing requirements cannot be met, as well as the flow control, so the dispensing accuracy is very important for screw dispensing, simple machines can not meet the demand at all, anaerobic dispensing machines are carefully selected in the selection of accessories, and each accessory is targeted and tired The selection of oxygen glue dispensing valve is the same as that of screw glue dispensing valve.
  The combination of anaerobic dispensing machine and anaerobic dispensing valve can realize screw dispensing. If you are interested in our machine, you can contact us. We have non-standard and standard dispensing machine production technology, and anaerobic dispensing machine is only one of our mature technologies. We have other dispensing processes that we need, and we can also meet it!