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What are the characteristics of single component and two-com

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The characteristics of silica gel can be said that no one knows for more than ten days, and it is also a factory director who has made silica gel for more than ten years. Because there are so many types of silica gel, silica gel has different characteristics every week. At present, silica gel can be divided into single component and two component according to large categories. Because I am a layman, I can only talk about the characteristics of silica gel briefly. Small series mainly sell silica gel for filling I still have some understanding of this aspect. Let's learn about the use and characteristics of silica gel.
Characteristics of single component silica gel
There is a kind of glue composition, which can play a role of solidification when applied to the product. After applying the glue, the surface starts to solidify in five minutes. It needs to wait 24 hours for complete solidification. If not used, it needs to tighten the cover to avoid the glue from solidifying. However, the service life is relatively long. It can wait for a long time, but it can not be used, and it still does not deteriorate. It is stored in a dry and indoor environment, with 300 mm supports and 260 pieces It is the first one at most in 0 mm support and bulk.
Characteristics of two-component silica gel
The two-component silica gel is generally black and white. After mixing, it will appear brown gray, black will glue a and white will glue B. It is generally used in water-proof power supply, atomizer, display, electronic products, household appliances, most of the application industries related to electricity, and it can play a bonding and insulation effect. It can play a smooth, strong bonding, low power consumption, and moisture-proof role in cementing solidified products , pressure resistance, heat dissipation and other effects.
Single component and two-component silica gel features little effect. Plastic toy glue filling and aluminum box stationery coating may not be the same glue, but it doesn't matter. Our company has suitable machines, more than 10 kinds of silica gel glue filling machines, which can meet the requirements of plastic toy glue filling and aluminum box stationery coating, as well as the production requirements of other industries, hand board silica gel and pad printing silica gel application, etc., which is also me Division of production, including many silicone applications industry.
Silica gel filling machine does not refer to a machine. Our company has the technology to produce many non-standard machines. According to the manufacturer's production requirements, the machines required by the silica gel application industry can also be produced. Our company belongs to the manufacturer, and can design and produce, and has a special engineering team to produce appropriate machines.