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Which type of automatic glue filling machine is suitable for

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  In fact, silica gel for handboards is the glue used to make molds. Although it belongs to one of the silica gel types, it is only used in different ways, but it is not suitable for the use of full-automatic glue filling machine. Which kind of mold machine is needed? The use of silica gel for handboards is not suitable for the use of traditional silica gel. Of course, it is also required to see the production method. If it is coating, it is certainly OK to use the machine produced by our company, because This is our major.

  Differences in silica gel types

  Mold silica gel and handboard silica gel are of the same nature and different application industries. They can be applied to aluminum boxes, stationery and plastic toys. They are suitable for our silica gel filling machine and need to be used for product filling. The difference between mold silica gel and handboard silica gel is that, according to the previous use conditions, we can see that our machines can be used for gluing, bonding and filling, but they can be used for Our machine can't meet the requirements of mould manufacturing.

  Application of silica gel

  Mold silica gel or pad printing silica gel can be used for glue filling of plastic toys. There are still some differences in the nature of the glue. Although we call it silica gel, we need to distinguish the nature and the suitable industry. Otherwise, the automatic glue filling machine will not be suitable, and there will be problems in the application of glue in the stationery of aluminum box, which is not conducive to the production of products. Our company will manufacture all the glue according to the type of glue and product requirements Dynamic glue filling machine, glue properties affect accessories, products and glue affect glue filling machine, why it becomes silicone glue filling machine, the core is glue.
  The gluing effect of aluminum box stationery is based on the product fixture and the application of full-automatic glue filling machine. Because our company is manufactured according to the requirements, we can give full play to our strengths, avoid gluing or glue filling problems, and take care of every point. Are you afraid of production problems? Plastic toys are filled with glue. Our company is equipped with precision metering gear pump, which can measure the amount of glue a and B, so as to solve the glue problem.