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How to meet the technical requirements of frameless coating

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  The gluing technology is determined by the machine manufacturer, because the manufacturer's production technology determines whether it can meet the production demand. There are many manufacturers of gluing machine, but not all manufacturers have the same technology, and there are many differences in the operation mode, so it is very important to choose the manufacturer. Our company ranks in the middle and high section, and can produce dispensing machine, filling machine, spraying and visual dispensing machine. There are first-line factories Home's core technology, frameless coating technology, fully equipped with the core technology.
  The characteristics of frameless gluing technology lie in the glue control, which is within the set range and cannot exceed the range. Only when the glue dispensing technology is well controlled can it reach the standard. Our company realizes frameless gluing from three points. First, we understand the glue characteristics, viscosity, liquidity and function. Second, we configure appropriate glue dispensing valve and good controller. Third, we have stable program system. Our company adopts The three-axis constant control system with high stability can make the dispensing smooth and continuous.
  In fact, the technology of borderless glue application is the same as that of straight-line glue dispensing. After we understand the characteristics of glue, we start to set the glue dispensing path, and use the air pressure to control the glue output, so as to avoid too much glue, resulting in overflow problems, and each point can't have problems. The plastic frame glue dispensing has a high requirement on the glue volume control, and each rhythm still needs to be controlled, so as to be truly straight Line dispensing technology, the 4331 dispensing machine produced by our company can realize straight line, curve, circle, arc, point, etc.
  Plastic frame dispensing is to use circular arc and straight-line dispensing technology, and apply a layer of glue on the peripheral gap. The width and height of glue amount shall be strictly controlled to avoid being squeezed and overflowing around the product, resulting in the failure to meet the standard requirements. The technical requirements for plastic frame dispensing are not very high, and the machine with frameless dispensing technology can basically meet the production requirements.
   4331dispenser structure is made of aluminum alloy bracket and corresponding accessories. The aluminum alloy bracket has good bearing capacity, excellent quality, long use and no core dispensing problem. It is also a machine with high activity. It can not only achieve frameless gluing, but also use various types of glues. For example, hot melt glue dispensing technology is used for plastic frame dispensing, and glue is put into use Water heating, and then dispensing, general single component glue, basically suitable for 4331 dispensing machine.