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Why mobile phone buttons need non touch dispensing?

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To support the production work using the dispensing process often requires key mobile phone production link, the main way of dispensing consists of non-contact dispensing and contact methods, in order to produce high quality mobile phone keys, often using non-contact dispensing as an important work in the production of mobile phone keys, then the non-contact dispensing machine what are the benefits of mobile phone production?
Key mobile phone production process, need to key for dispensing work, so that mobile phone keys can be evenly and completely stuck on the mobile phone, in order to ensure the normal operation of the mobile phone sensitivity and effect, some mobile phone keys with soft texture, if using contact methods easily affect the blow to the mobile phone keys, and easily dispensing needle affect key sensitivity that is not conducive to the normal production, it will generally use the non-contact automatic dispensing machine as a mobile phone keypad dispensing equipment, through non-contact dispensing can be very good to avoid these problems, and the non-contact automatic dispensing function of precise control of the quantity of cement, avoid glue overflow mobile phone keys.
Non contact type automatic dispensing machine is mainly responsible for the work of spraying objects in most of the production work, this work has the advantage of less time consuming, there is no need to perform Z axial pull back operation, and does not appear to be common in the dispensing process, do not leak adhesive drawing, and non-contact dispensing also will not scratch the dispensing objects can make practical and valuable objects are all aspects of the promotion, is an important tool for manufacturers to enhance the value of the object.
Because of the non touch dispensing has more advantages, the major dispensing equipment manufacturers focus on the development of non contact dispensing piece.