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How to dispensing low fluidity and high viscosity liquid

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  High viscosity liquid dispensing is a problem that every dispensing equipment manufacturer has to face. How to achieve the dispensing task, the manufacturer has its own set of methods. Let's talk about how the Chinese manufacturers in Dongguan City of our company carry out the dispensing of low fluidity and high viscosity liquid. We should all know that the solder paste viscosity is very high, basically no fluidity. How can we achieve dispensing?
  The product dispensing can be carried out by matching the screw dispensing valve on the dispensing equipment. First, install the solder paste on the dispensing syringe, connect it to the screw dispensing valve, put the adapter on the syringe, open the air pressure device, and send the air pressure to the dispensing syringe, so that the glue has a pressure to push the glue. After the glue enters the screw dispensing valve, the screw motor will push the glue and dispensing, The solder paste dispensing is completed, and the screw dispensing valve also has the function of suction. The solder paste can be sucked back by reversing the motor.
  General dispensing valve can not use the type of glue, can use screw dispensing valve to achieve dispensing, now tomorrow how to use it? In fact, the research and development of screw dispensing valve improves the dispensing technology and changes the traditional pneumatic dispensing mode. The machine type of our company's solder paste dispensing machine is screw dispensing valve, which can realize the dispensing task of high viscosity liquid, and it is very convenient to use and easy to add glue.
  How to use the solder paste should be understood. With the solder paste dispenser manufactured by our company, it is 100% suitable for use. The solder paste dispensing technology fully meets the requirements of the industry for accuracy, glue quantity and efficiency. The dispensing effect is very good, and there is no uneven, leakage or wire drawing problems at all. The stability is also very high. The basic need to make a fixed point, the effect will be better. Solder paste dispensing is a mature technology of our company One, your company has the demand, has the present opportunity to come out.
  The screw dispensing valve is the best for high viscosity liquid dispensing. It can also be used with dispensing syringe, with low cost. Although the effect is not as good as that of dispensing valve, it still has high precision dispensing technology. For how to use solder paste, you also have a general understanding of it. If you don't understand anything, you can directly sell it to our manufacturers.