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What is the screw of dispensing valve and what is its functi

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  Screw dispensing valve, as a high-end valve with high precision at present, is controlled by electric and air pressure. The air pressure can drive the glue of dispensing syringe forward. The voltage provides motor and screw power to transport the glue out. The combination of the two can achieve precise dispensing, which has very obvious effect, thus solving the problem of glue application. By using motor rotation mode, high precision can be provided.
  What is screw? For some customers who don't understand, what is it? Today, the Chinese dispensing machine manufacturer of our company specially arranges staff to introduce what is screw with the article. In fact, this is the dispensing valve driving device, which uses the screw motor to drive the screw to deliver the glue. The screw gear is very small, the precision can be controlled within the range of 0.01mm, and the precision is Controlled by a special numerical controller, each point is very accurate. At present, there is no dispensing valve to meet the current dispensing demand.
  Solder paste belongs to high viscosity glue, with poor fluidity, which is not conducive to dispensing. To solve this problem, our company uses screw dispensing valve as production valve, uses power mode and active control to achieve dispensing task. Solder paste dispensing can be achieved. With screw dispensing valve, just high-precision dispensing can be achieved, meeting the dispensing requirements of PCB board, so as to make dispensing equipment, With better effect, our company will configure appropriate dispensing accessories according to the requirements of glue, industry, precision, products, etc., so as to fundamentally solve the glue problem.
  The screw dispensing valve can achieve high-precision dispensing. With this demand, it can quickly solve the dispensing problem and solve it faster. The screw dispensing valve is used in the solder paste dispenser to achieve solder paste dispensing, which will have better effect on dispensing, avoid dispensing problems, no block ing, high dispensing accuracy and more convenient use. The needle cylinder can also be used for solder paste dispensing, Choose the right way according to the actual situation, which is the basic way.