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Which dispensing system is equipped with the machine, with h

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  At present, there are three kinds of conventional dispensing systems: constant control, full-time and PLC. The desktop type basically uses the first two kinds. Some high-end basic PLC as dispensing system has more stable control performance, which can control the mechanical parameters of each shaft well. The three systems basically cover the whole dispensing system. Similar to our manufacturers, non-standard programs are also written by PLC itself.

  Current conventional three-axis system

  Our general dispensing system is a constant control system. In terms of the equipment of glue filling machine, we can use PLC system, or make full-time system according to the manufacturer. At present, we have three systems that can be done. Each system has its own differences, which will affect dispensing tasks. According to the industry demand, operation proficiency, and system relationship! Although full-time and constant control system are the same, the core will be different.
  The dispensing system used for the dispensing of PTC components and the main board of frequency converter is PLC system. In some relatively simple tasks, constant control or full-time systems will be used, such as toy dispensing, shoe dispensing, etc. different systems will have different effects, like you can like it. Our company manufactures dispensing machines with corresponding system sales prices, which is not bad! It can also be installed.
  The silica gel sleeve can be used for dispensing with the supporting glue, and then with the stone horse dispensing machine. The glue flow reaches 300ml, and the standard type of glue is produced by many manufacturers. It belongs to the industry benchmark. In order to meet the needs of more manufacturers, our company has also developed the stone horse dispensing machine, so as to solve the problem of supporting glue dispensing, there are still many manufacturers that need us Can contact our company, the dispensing system is constant control system, can be replaced by PLC or full-time system Oh!