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How to ensure the uniformity of gutta percha?

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  The uniformity of glue dropping is directly related to the equipment. The equipment used together is very corresponding to the product. It fundamentally solves the problem. The glue dropping requirements of each product will be different. For example, the glue dropping of the game handle button and the air conditioner remote control are different. If the technology wants to have a big difference, the uniformity of glue dropping can be solved and become better only when it is targeted.
  The equipment related to dispensing and locking screw use is produced by our company, that is, glue dropping machine and screw machine, both of which use the same structural platform, and some of the accessories are the same, mainly the dispensing valve is used for dispensing, and the electric screwdriver is used for locking screw. The two machine applications can improve the production speed and make the production more intelligent. The speed and product can be specified, and more needs to be produced every minute Few, can guarantee to be profitable,
  The machine production will not be tired, but it needs maintenance. It can do weekly maintenance or daily maintenance, which ensures the stability of the machine operation and directly avoids the problem of glue dropping. It can be produced sustainably. Each high-intensity production still has no problem. This is what the machine can achieve, with a large amount of work, fast production speed and doubled profits of the manufacturer. The dispensing machine solves the problem of low product yield and slow speed by pressing the key of the game handle. About 50 products can be achieved in one minute (mainly depending on the products). This is based on the production data of our customers. The dispensing of the game handle is also an industry that our company should be engaged in. We can click 502 glue, and we can click crystal glue. The uniformity of the dispensing is guaranteed, and we have prepared the screw dispensing machine For dispensing the game handle.
  The uniformity of glue dropping is judged by the effect. It is the most basic function to adjust the effect of glue dropping according to the product demand. There is no need to worry at all. There are mature technologies for glue dispensing and screw locking. At present, the problem lies in the design and production of non-standard machines. As a standard machine of screw type, our company has very mature production experience. We need not worry about it at all. We can rest assured Dare to order