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Desktop type automatic screw driver

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Desktop full-automatic screwing machine is a platform type machine produced by our company, with a height of about 630mm and a small volume. It is suitable for placing on the assembly line platform. It requires a manual cooperation, placing and taking products, and the others are automatic completion. It needs automatic placing and cutting. The cost price is too high. Using desktop full-automatic screwing machine is cheap and the production speed is relatively fast Fast, in line with the low-end demand.
Our company has suitable machines for dispensing and locking screws. The automatic screwing machine and dispensing machine are different in accessories. However, the system and structure have some similarities, but the system locking screw is relatively complex, but it can also be made. Dispensing is relatively simple, and there are not too many sensors. If both machines are required, we should choose our company.
Features of table top automatic screwing machine
1. It has the function of automatic screwing. It has low requirements for screws. As long as it is not headless, other types of screws basically meet the requirements.
2. The speed of locking screw is fast, which can reach 0.6 ~ 1.2s, about three or four times that of manual work. Especially for some small screws, the speed of manual work is slower.
3. The shortage alarm device can place 1000 screws (screw size) capacity for each feeder. The production is almost finished, and there will be a shortage warning to avoid the insufficient screw capacity, which leads to the problem of rubber cartridge.
4. In case of missed beating and slip detection, there will also be reminders when the product is missed beating. In case of slip, the product quality will not be up to standard.
5. It is easy to operate. With handle controller, the lock screw path can be designed. Once designed, it can be used for a lifetime. If other products are used, a machine can store 999 groups of programs without worrying that the products are not suitable for the machine.
6. Small noise, use servo electric batch to avoid excessive noise.
Table top automatic screw driver parameters
Machine model: zz-d4331l screw machine type: adsorption screw machine
Mechanical shaft speed: Max 500mm / s repeated dispensing accuracy: ± 0.02mm
Mechanical shaft load: X / Y / Z 10kg 5kg operating system: constant control four shaft locking screw system
Power supply: 220V 50 ~ 60Hz 350W applicable screw: M1 ~ M8 (customized feeder)
Locking speed: 0.6 ~ 1.2s display mode: touch screen operation box
Machine specification: 700 * 580 * 600mm
Machine accessories
Body structure, control system, touch screen, double guide rail, stepping motor, electric batch, feeder, main board, etc.
These are the types of conventional accessories. However, a set is needed to realize the locking screw. There are about a dozen kinds of accessories, all of which are technical work. The assembly price is about 28000, including various costs. If your company has a demand, you can find our company's manufacturer and sell a large number of machines!