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How to improve the skill of using 502 glue

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In order to understand the usage skills of 502 glue, it is necessary to know several usage methods for procedures, so as to match better methods. At present, there are full-automatic and semi-automatic technologies, which can select appropriate methods according to the product quantity and production speed requirements. This is the usage skills. The industry rarely uses manual dispensing, and basically configures appropriate machines to dispensing.
Usage of semi-automatic 502 dispensing machine
With the peristaltic dispensing machine (semi-automatic dispensing machine), this is a dispensing machine that does not need air pressure. It pulls the glue from the 502 rubber bottle through the rotation of peristaltic pump. When it is transported to the dispensing position through the pipeline, the whole process is very simple. Moreover, the peristaltic dispensing machine has suction, timing, control, etc., and the accuracy can be controlled at 0.01mm, which can be applied to the sole of the shoe and applied to the earphone.
Parameters of peristaltic dispensing machine (semi-automatic version)
Model: tp-50
Power supply: AC220 (optionA: 110V) 50 / 60Hz
Power: 10W
Rotor revolution: 0-160rpm
Timer: spit out rotation angle 0 ~ 999 °
Vacuum rotation angle 1 ° ~ 999 °
Spit out viscosity: below 5000cps
0 ~ 1000cps (use φ 0.2 * φ 0.7, φ 0.5 * φ 1.0 tube)
1000 ~ 5000cps (use φ 0.5 * 1.0, φ 1.0 * φ 1.5tube)
5000 ~ 10000cps (use tube above φ 1.0 * φ 1.5)
Usage of automatic dispensing machine
The machine platform is required to be equipped with glue dispensing system, which can automatically deliver glue. 502 glue dispensing lies in glue conveying and control. For example: plastic frame gluing, the glue quantity should be controlled accurately, the glue width can be controlled within 0.2mm line width, the glue precision within the glue scope of plastic frame gluing can be adjusted, and the glue dispensing precision of various products should be met. 502 glue dispensing effect will have a very obvious effect It can meet the requirements of product dispensing and speed efficiency.
502 dispensing machine (automatic version) parameters
Model: zz-5441
Dispensing accuracy: line width 0.2mm height 0.1mm
Moving speed: 500mm / S
Dispensing speed: 600 / min
Operation mode: automatic / manual
System control mode: four axis constant control dispensing system
Mechanical shaft: three shafts
Dispensing track: straight line, circle, arc, point and irregular curve, etc.
Application environment requirements: None
Power supply and power: AC220V 50 ~ 60Hz 350W