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How to realize the yellow glue automatic dispensing technolo

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  Yellow glue dispensing is often used. There are two ways to use it, automatic and non automatic. Today, I'd like to talk about how to realize automatic dispensing and what type of dispensing can be used. It's very beneficial for manufacturers to produce it! First of all, the speed and quality have been improved, and the production mode has changed. Now let's get to know with Xiaobian.
  Difference between manual loading and machine loading
  It is recommended to use yellow glue dispenser. This is a desktop type automatic dispenser, which only needs manual loading and unloading, and the machine can automatically complete yellow glue dispensing. Why use manual loading and unloading? Because of the price, the price is about 50000 yuan without manual loading and unloading. Manual loading and unloading only costs 15800 yuan. So manual loading and unloading is more beneficial to the manufacturer and does not need too much production cost. Our company uses desktop yellow glue dispenser to glue the photo album, which can control the flow of glue quantity and apply glue slowly and evenly to the photo frame Edge.
  Automatic dispensing machine can be distinguished from manual feeding by automatic feeding and manual feeding. In fact, the technology is improving and manual feeding is gradually replaced. However, the cost of manual feeding is lower than that of automatic feeding. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose manual feeding. The price is cheap and the speed is not slow. In general, large factories that want to realize intelligent production will use automatic feeding, such as the electromagnetic furnace coating of Midea Company Rubber, is the use of production line production, real automation equipment.
  Comply with yellow glue dispensing valve
  In terms of dispensing with yellow glue, our company has developed a yellow glue dispensing valve, which meets the viscosity flow requirements of yellow glue. Although yellow glue has certain natural fluidity, the effect is still very slow, and the dispensing valve is easy to block, but our company can solve the problem of glue flow and glue application by using yellow glue dispensing valve. We can adjust the glue output according to the width of the picture frame album to avoid glue overflow and impact To frame beauty.
  Now for yellow glue dispensing automation operation have a certain understanding? If there is a need or do not know the place, welcome to contact! Fengliyuli waiting for you, Tel: 13662812001 (wechat same number Mr. Wang