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Automatic technology for the demand of fire retardant yellow

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  Our company has the corresponding core production technology and good core requirements for the application of fire-retardant yellow glue. If you have requirements, you can communicate with us! There is a big difference between automation and manual operation. The uniformity and speed of glue application are basically lower than that of automation. Of course, it's not absolute, it's relative. Many products use automatic technology faster, of course, some of them are not. Today, talk about the advantages of automatic flame retardant yellow glue application.

  How to improve the coating speed of manufacturers

  Have you ever thought about increasing the production quantity? The use of automatic machines not only has a good degree of control over the overall efficiency of the fire-retardant yellow glue coating, for example: according to the coating requirements of the PTC heating element, set the coating line width and dispensing speed, there will be basic coating line requirements on the PTC heating element, including the coating amount control and accuracy requirements, etc., all of which need to be met, so the manufacturer will choose our machine, so our yellow glue point The dispenser can set dispensing parameters according to the production requirements, which can not be achieved manually. The machine can achieve it. Compared with the machine, the manual operation is about four times slower. Of course, it depends on the actual product demand.

  Coating case of PTC heating element

  PTC heating element gluing refers to applying a layer of glue around the heating element, which can play a fixed and flame-retardant effect. Generally, the heating element is not highly required for the scene. In order to avoid too fast damage of the product, glue coating is generally increased to avoid spontaneous combustion of other heating and heat conduction rubber tubes, so as to solve the product quality problem. Gluing also improves the impact resistance and anti-corrosion effect, which are It's glue.

  Dispensing valve conforming to yellow glue dispensing

  The dispensing valve with flame-retardant yellow glue is called yellow glue dispensing valve, which can be applied with flame-retardant yellow glue and electronic yellow glue. It is suitable for applying medium and high viscosity glue, and has a certain back absorption effect, so it is convenient to break the glue. In Wanjiang dispensing machine branch of our company, it is specially used as the yellow glue dispensing machine, which is often used as the yellow glue dispensing valve. The glue flow and breaking effect are very good, and the effect of other dispensing valves is poor, so This dispensing valve is called yellow glue dispensing valve, which is really famous.