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Is the application of screw thread glue related to automatic

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  The application range of screw thread glue is very wide. It has outstanding characteristics in thread dispensing. With thread gluing machine, it can realize automatic gluing. According to the application of thread sealing effect of our company, it can quickly and evenly apply glue to avoid glue overflow. Moreover, the speed is very fast, which improves the production demand. For small screws, it still has such effect.

  Characteristics of screw thread sealant

  1. With good solidification effect, the glue can be well fixed after the screw thread is solidified, and the screw will not be loosened due to vibration.
  2. It has anti rust effect, and it will be corroded after some time experience. According to the length of time, the corrosion severity is different, but after the screw thread glue is coated, it can play the role of rust prevention and corrosion.
  There are many features of screw thread glue. Today, we will introduce the connection. We can see the characteristics of screw thread glue through the link. In this way, we can find the proper effect of screw thread glue and see the advantages of screw thread glue. Our company specializes in the production of automatic gluing machine, which is made in combination with the application requirements of screw thread glue. In this way, we can have better dispensing effect, and we don't have to worry about being unable to use thread glue.
  Special fixture is required for screw glue dispensing, which can fix and rotate the screw, so that the mechanical shaft can rotate and dispensing glue, so as to ensure that there is glue in each thread, and the glue will not drop, and the glue is evenly distributed on the thread. This way of screwing will not cause glue overflow and other problems, and will have good production quality effect.
  Screw thread glue features are very strong, if you have such a demand, I just have such a demand, welcome manufacturers to consult.