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Dongguan electric toothbrush screwing machine

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  According to the different styles of electric toothbrushes, the demand for screwing is different. Our company is a manufacturer specialized in producing dispensing machines and screwing machines. According to the requirements of the manufacturers, we can manufacture appropriate electric screwing machines and dispensing equipment, as well as supporting fixture and screw feeder. They are matched well and sent to the manufacturer's factory for production.
  Screw position of electric toothbrush: the motor and the shell are fixed. The screw size is m1.2 and the length is 2mm. Two sets of fixtures can be used. The same screw machine can be used. The screw size is small, which is convenient for transportation. It can reduce the mechanical movement and screw taking steps. It has a faster screw speed, which meets the demand of electric toothbrush for screwing. At present, all types of electric toothbrushes in the market need to screw Silk, can satisfy Oh! Because of our factory, we can design machines and produce suitable machines.
  In addition to the production of automatic screwing machines, there are also epoxy resin glue dispensers, which can be used for dispensing and sealing of electric toothbrush. On the button of electric toothbrush, it belongs to epoxy resin adhesive. After coating, the keys are bonded, and ellipse drawing technology is required. The epoxy resin dispensing machine produced by our company adopts three-axis structure, and any gluing on the plane can complete gluing It's convenient.
  As an automation equipment manufacturer, our company has the corresponding ability and has a place in Dongguan. Especially in the desktop machine, the technology is more advanced than other industries, and it is convenient for the manufacturers. The core technology of electric toothbrush sealing and screwing is satisfied. If there is any demand, please contact us by phone.