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Factors to judge the effect of dispensing

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  The dispensing effect is directly related to the machine. Our manufacturers recommend which kind of machine has better dispensing effect and product quality according to the manufacturer's demand and actual production effect. The simplest way to judge whether the dispensing effect is good or bad is the product quality. If it is divided into high, medium and low points, it is unqualified. Our company will formulate the production mode according to the requirements, so that the dispensing effect will have Obvious effect.
  Solar panel dispensing is also one of the industries that our company has studied in recent years. Some manufacturers don't know what glue or machine to use. You can see our company's Oh! There are special machines and glue, which can be applied to the solar panel glue dispensing. The glue can be applied to the periphery, and the battery and back plate can be wrapped well by applying the glue all around. The glue has high temperature resistance and cold weather resistance, which is not affected by welcome changes, and the glue can be well bonded with solar energy materials.
  Solar cell glue filling is the embodiment of glue control effect, which requires a large amount of use. Generally, it is called glue filling. Some large-scale solar cells will use floor type or gantry type machines, and the price is slightly higher than desktop type gluing machine. Our company has manufactured a lot of core machines to meet the needs of the dispensing industry and meet the core requirements Product filling requirements, the role of automatic gluing machine is very clear, solve manual or manual speed, unstable quality, etc., improve the efficiency of product automation.
  Desktop type gluing machine function is very good, recommend your company also can try! Our company has free proofing, we can see what the effect is. If the dispensing effect is not good, our company will not sell it. Otherwise, after-sales service can cost a lot. The price of the machine is not expensive now. We can buy a machine with a yield of 99.8%, which is the data tested by our last manufacturer.