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Glue coating of automobile charging pile

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  There is also a need for sealant application in the production process of automobile charging pile. The charging pile needs to have waterproof and bonding effect. The glue coating can quickly solve the problem of product gluing. Our company has developed a product that meets the requirements of charging pile gluing and has good gluing effect. It can apply glue according to the path around the charging pile, and fundamentally solve the problem of product gluing.
  The car charging pile is coated with PU sealant on the shell after the internal parts are assembled. Then cover the shell and wait for the glue to solidify, so that the charging pile has waterproof effect. The coating also plays a protective role. After being exposed to the sun and wind, it is easy to be damaged and has a short service life.
  In fact, the complexity of gluing is not very high, and the volume of charging pile is still large. As long as the specification requirements are met, the gluing can be solved. It is recommended that our company produce glass glue applicator, which is in line with the use of Pu sealant. The viscosity of glass glue is quite different from that of Pu sealant. The use of high viscosity silica gel valve can fundamentally solve the problem of glue flow and gluing, because the glue dispensing valve used is in accordance with the requirements According to the corresponding viscosity requirements, it has good gluing effect, can avoid the problem of uneven gluing, and the fluidity will not be affected. Relatively speaking, the glass glue applicator meets the requirements of charging pile gluing.
  Our company has made some changes in the machine design. We have customized the machine, specification, production mode, fixture and so on, which are all made according to the demand. Our company has produced the corresponding gluing machine for BYD charging pile agent, with corresponding core technology. If the manufacturer has the demand in this respect, welcome to come. Our glass glue gluing machine is also used to coat the chassis Glue made the corresponding machine.
  The case gluing is also to apply a strip of sealant on the cover, which can make use of the extrusion effect to improve the sealing performance and protect the internal circuit. Glass glue and silica gel are used in case gluing. Both glues have sealing effect, which can play a role in the way. Many products want to achieve the desired effect, they will be coated with these glue, which belongs to inert glue, which is not easy to react and is not easy to be affected by the environment If you need to apply glue for charging pile and case, you can find our glass glue coating machine manufacturer, which can produce sealing strip machine.