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Effect of sealant

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  Sealant is used for sealing, with waterproof, mildew proof and wear-resistant effects. It is mainly used in various products that need to be sealed, such as cabinet, case, glass, ceramic tile, etc The use of machines is obviously more significant.

  Effect of sealant

  1. The glue has the characteristics of quick drying, which can achieve the setting effect in a short time after gluing.
  2. Mildew proof, long-term storage in humid environment, still has no effect on the glue point, no corrosion.
  3. The viscosity is strong, after gluing, the viscose effect is very strong, can withstand the impact of 150kg force.
  4. The glue is fine and even, which is suitable for the application of gluing in the case and cabinet.
  Pu sealant generally adopts 330ml mounting method. Glass glue applicator is recommended. Silica gel Taobao is used instead of pressure barrel. It can be directly stored on the sleeve and connected with air pressure directly. Glue can be squeezed onto the glue dispensing valve to complete the gluing task. The dispensing mode can be adjusted according to different industries. The cabinet gluing is different from the case, and the glue output and trajectory need to be adjusted Actually, the product gluing track is different and needs to be adjusted again. However, after adjustment once, it can ensure that the next time it is used, it can be replaced directly.
  Glass glue applicator is a machine made by our company with desktop three-axis dispensing machine. In order to achieve the task of glue dispensing, we have manufactured dispensing accessories completely according to the product requirements. We can directly place the product on the working platform to conduct dispensing without exceeding the dispensing stroke. It is similar to cabinet gluing, which belongs to a larger type, and needs to use larger dispensing device, similar to chassis gluing According to the size requirements, choose the appropriate range of glass glue applicator! Can play the role of sealant, more convenient for gluing.
  Pu sealant function and use of the machine are also explained, if there is still something you do not understand, welcome to call Oh!