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Aluminum alloy chassis, power storage cabinet and sheet meta

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  As you can see, there will be strips of black adhesive strips on the chassis, which is the trace of being glued. Generally, aluminum alloy is closed, and water is still easy to enter, causing damage to internal parts. Basically, each case will be glued and sealed. What kind of machine type and glue is used, we need to summarize a set of scheme according to the gluing requirements of the case to make automatic gluing that meets the requirements Machine.
  It is recommended that your company use our glass glue applicator, which has a large working platform and can be used to coat the entire chassis slot at one time. It is efficient, quality and has better gluing effect. It is very convenient to meet the needs of the industry. Various parameters can directly meet the needs of the chassis, including aluminum alloy chassis, sheet metal chassis and power storage cabinet. Products that need to use Pu sealant are based on This meets the needs.
  Case gluing is a way to improve the quality. A layer of glue is applied to the card slot to seal and waterproof. Many cases are used in the external environment. Without certain protective measures, it is easy to affect the internal stability. Especially for the power storage cabinet device, if there is water vapor, it is easy to lead to power leakage, thus causing potential safety hazard. Therefore, gluing is inevitable. If you have this kind of demand, welcome to our company's Chinese automation equipment manufacturers.
  Application of glass glue applicator
  Aluminum alloy case gluing, power storage cabinet, charging pile gluing, sealing strip, electronic toys, fire ball, furniture, glass, etc.
  Pu sealant has a wide range of applications. Some specifications are too large to use. If you want to use it, you need to customize a glass glue applicator with a longer dispensing distance. The conventional one is 800 * 800 * 100 mm. If it exceeds the scope, it needs to be customized. The longest customized length is 3.2 meters. It belongs to the LED lamp strip gluing machine. Our automatic gluing machine manufacturer has corresponding core capabilities to meet the needs of charging pile gluing And coating sealing strip requirements, the use of Pu sealant is also perfect.
  The glass glue applicator can use a series of 290 ~ 330ml supporting glue. No matter the viscosity is high or low, the cylinder will be installed to increase the internal pressure of the rubber barrel. The glue can come out smoothly and can be used for product gluing. The high viscosity glue basically needs to cooperate with the air pipe, otherwise it can not really achieve the task of gluing.