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Application technology of one component PU sealant

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  Pu sealant is also one of the glue commonly used in dispensing industry. Its application effect is very good. It has many characteristics, including heat resistance, cold resistance and sealing property. It meets the requirements of external environment. It has good gluing effect in some cabinets. This is a one-component Pu sealant with 330ml support.

  Effect of sealant

  1. It is widely used in construction, transportation and electronic industry.
  2. Waterproof, high temperature resistant and sound insulation.
  3. The setting time is 20 hours.
  4. With elastic effect, glue and silica gel, will have a certain degree of elasticity, can play a good sealing effect.
  The role of sealant is to select the application scenarios according to its characteristics. Our company also gradually starts with building materials to improve the production efficiency of building materials and make them more convenient for use. For example, the blinds can be installed without manual gluing. This can achieve a quick installation effect without any assistance, and one person can complete the following, Make the operation more simple and easy, the role of sealant is great.
  Generally, there are two packaging methods for PU sealant, 330ml package glue and ham packaging method. Generally, our company will use 330ml packing method, which has more capacity and does not need to change glue frequently. It can be used continuously for a period of time to avoid frequent replacement of glue. The use of 330ml support Pu sealant is in line with the use of glass glue applicator, and the matching products can be used, for example: coating on the cabinet Glue, how much width, directly manufacturing the corresponding type of gluing machine, can realize dispensing.
  Our company has mature core technology, and there are too many production cases. Glass glue applicator is one of our mature technologies. It is very simple to use Pu sealant. If two-component Pu sealant is used, it may need to be studied, but it can still be satisfied. There are certain core technologies in pouring, dispensing and gluing. It is still possible to play the role of sealant To do, welcome to consult manufacturers.