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Rubber band expansion tape gluing

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  The expansion belt is coated with a wave shape on the surface. Two steps are needed to complete the coating. First, use the glue applicator. Second, use the round fixed fixture to fix the expansion belt on the fixture. Then, use the glue applicator to glue, and then use the fixture rotation effect to realize the wave type gluing effect. It is so simple to apply glue by machine, and the effect can't be controlled by labor, which leads to the machine gradually replacing the manual production position.
  The platform type gluing machine is a 331 desktop type gluing machine. A circular device is designed on the y-axis, which can place multiple rubber bands at one time. After the glue is applied, the whole fixture is taken off and replaced with another one. This can speed up the gluing rhythm, and place the expansion belt of glue on the side to cool and dry the glue.
  The technology used in the expansion belt gluing is called surface gluing technology. The coating requirements on the plane can be met, and any shape can be solved. For example, W-type gluing can be realized by setting the gluing path to w on the platform type gluing machine. The process of setting the path for the first time needs to be careful, and it can be directly imported into the program for the second time There are 1000 sets of procedures to be set. Manufacturers can use this glue dispenser as long as they are concerned with dispensing. Maybe because the glue is not the same, it needs more dispensing accessories. Because the viscosity of glue will affect the delivery of glue, so the viscosity of glue varies greatly. You can change the dispensing accessories, and then you can dispensing. The dispensing system is a very good thing, and there will be no adverse feedback, You can work twenty hours a day.
  The common dispensing system of platform type gluing machine is the constant control three-axis dispensing system, which can independently control the movement of three-axis mechanical arm, and then control the glue delivery time, glue closing time and mechanical axis moving speed. The precision can reach 0.1 mm, and the error value is 0.2%. It can accurately realize the surface gluing technology, and the control is accurate and good. It is applied in the rubber band expansion belt gluing The effect can be guaranteed. Our company has been using this dispensing system for ten years. At present, the two systems that meet the requirements of platform type gluing machine are constant control and full-time dispensing system. Both of them have W-type gluing process, and the surface coating technology is also very stable.