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Leather gluing

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  Our company has also done the corresponding project of leather gluing. We can apply four strips of glue at one time by using the four head automatic gluing machine. Because the leather surface is relatively large, we need to apply glue on the whole surface. In the face of the technical requirements of gluing is not very high, if we meet the speed, we can achieve faster gluing effect. However, we need to pay attention to the problem of warping of leather.
  For leather gluing, the type of dispensing device should be determined according to the type of glue used by the manufacturer. There are several types of glue that can meet the requirements of gluing, such as 410 instant glue, silica gel and PVC glue. The type of glue determines the dispensing device. Therefore, it is necessary to determine which type of dispensing valve to use according to the manufacturer's glue. The combination effect is the best There are problems such as glue overflow and wire drawing.
  For 401 instant glue, it is recommended to use the quick drying glue dispenser specially produced by our company. The anaerobic glue dispensing valve is used as the dispensing device to control the fluidity of 410 instant glue and avoid the rapid solidification of glue. The instant drying glue can completely solidify in 3 seconds, but it is not found in the dispensing valve. The reason is that the anaerobic rubber dispensing valve uses Teflon material in the rubber cylinder, and the axis is the diaphragm axis, All of them will not react with the instant drying glue, which type of dispensing valve should be used when 410 instant drying glue is used for leather coating.
  Quick drying glue is also known as quick drying glue. There are two types of machines to meet the requirements. Semi automatic: peristaltic dispensing machine, which can complete dispensing completely by electric current. Working principle: through the built-in peristaltic pump, the glue is pumped from the plastic bottle, and then the dispensing pen is used for dispensing; fully automatic: the instant drying glue dispensing machine has a variety of dispensing modes, specifications and length There are double Y axis and single axis working axis, and single axis, double axis, three axis and four axis for dispensing. There are more specifications and more convenience in automatic aspect. Generally, it is set according to the product requirements, which can solve the dispensing problem. For example, there are special machines for leather gluing, and there are corresponding dispensing for car models.
 Automobile model dispensing and leather gluing will use the current production mode. The instant drying glue dispenser produced by our company has quality assurance. Since we have been in the dispensing industry for seven or eight years, we can guarantee the production and after-sales service. Therefore, the price of the machine is basically the same. Why not choose a more secure manufacturer? And our company for 401 instant glue dispensing technology also has a lot of involvement, the effect is absolutely meet the customer's core requirements, if you have needs, you can try it also OK! Telephone hotline: 13662812001.