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Let's learn about the use of instant adhesive

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  The use of instant adhesive may not need to be mentioned. We may all know its wide application. We may not know much about it. However, there is another name, called 502 glue, which has the rapid solidification effect under normal temperature conditions. It has low requirements and low price. It is easy to operate. Let's learn about the use of instant adhesive!

  Application of instant adhesive

  1. Apply glue to the helmet lining to fit the software required by the brim, and glue it.
  2. The usage rate in the family is also quite high, in order to avoid easy to cause dispensing problems.
  3. Apply glue to earphone, Bluetooth and data cable for bonding.
  4. Shoe glue can be used in home and factory.
  5. Mechanical parts, electronic products, small decoration home glue.
  Instant adhesive has a wide range of uses. According to incomplete statistics, it will consume hundreds of thousands of tons per year, and the amount of use is very large. The amount of each bottle is about 25-50g, and about 2-3 million bottles are used every year. At present, there are two kinds of machines that can realize dispensing: peristaltic dispenser and instant drying dispenser. If you use 10 jin of glue every day, you can use automatic instant glue dispensing Machine, daily use is not much, and manufacturers do not want to spend large costs, can use peristaltic dispensing machine, both machines can carry out 401 instant drying glue dispensing, and the effect is guaranteed, automatic machine can guarantee 99.8% of the qualified quality.
  According to the characteristics of 401 instant glue dispensing machine, our company makes it according to the characteristics of instant drying glue, which are called instant drying glue dispensing machine and quick drying glue dispensing machine. The special dispensing valve is used. The rubber cylinder is not made of stainless steel, and the material of Teflon can prevent the instant drying glue from solidifying in the inner part of the dispensing valve. It can be used for helmet lining dispensing. It is required to set its own path and have good dispensing control To avoid glue overflow and leakage.
  Quick drying glue dispensing needs to solve the problem of quick drying glue. Everything will solidify when it is stuck. Only by using materials that do not react with it can the problem of glue bonding be effectively solved. Dispensing in the helmet lining can solve this problem. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer to purchase dispensing machine is a guarantee. It is the core requirement of a manufacturer to make reasonable dispensing equipment Preparation is very effective, can make the use of instant drying glue to the maximum use.