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Back coating of building tiles

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  In the construction industry, many manufacturers choose new gluing methods, using machines as control glue, and then apply glue. Each ceramic tile back can be covered with glue, which can effectively solve the gluing effect. According to the core requirements of the manufacturer, there will be faster production effect. According to the size of our ceramic tiles, a suitable automatic gluing machine is designed.
  At present, our company will use the floor type gluing machine as the ceramic tile back gluing equipment, which can place the whole ceramic tile on the working platform, and the machine can paint on it. Moreover, the three-dimensional gluing function and the plane path effect can have good gluing effect. Any shape product can be glued. The gluing height is the same, which is the same as the 3D printing effect The effect is still great.
  The structure of the floor type gluing machine is changed. There is no Y-axis on the working platform. The y-axis is placed on the working platform, which can solve the problem that the gluing chain can't bear. The chain is generally tank chain, and the bearing strength is limited. It is not recommended to use desktop type gluing machine for large products like ceramic tile. The efficiency of coating on the back of ceramic tile is not enough, and the effect is certainly unable to achieve higher effect Sponge coating manufacturers recommend the use of desktop type, because it is relatively light, in line with the use of desktop type gluing equipment, targeted application, the effect will have unexpected effect, ceramic tile back glue using floor type gluing machine effect is great.
  Sponge coating manufacturers have used our desktop and floor type machines, and some large-scale sponges will use large-scale machines. The working track meets the requirements, and there is no need to move back and forth or change direction. It is better for production. Choosing the suitable automatic gluing machine is of great help to manufacturers. Tile back gluing is our latest application in the construction industry, if it is expensive Secretary for this idea, I contact us Oh! Discuss the new plan together.
  At present, the machine that can be used for ceramic tile back gluing is floor type gluing machine, which is a kind of gluing equipment made in our company. It has a variety of gluing functions, conforms to modern production mode, and can improve efficiency and quality. Welcome to call the hotline: 13662812001