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Composition and principle of bolt gluing equipment

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  The composition of bolt gluing equipment is actually very simple, of course, the simple is desktop type, gantry type will be more complex, will be equipped with more devices and procedures, can realize a variety of gluing procedures, for glue types will be more, the structure will be more complex, today, talk about the table type bolt gluing equipment composition and working principle, let's learn about it!

  Bolt gluing equipment is also known as screw gluing machine. Desktop type refers to the relatively small size, stroke is less than 800mm, the gluing height can be customized, and the structure is relatively simple. To briefly talk about the existing structures, they are: power supply, handle, driver, tank chain, three-axis control system, controller and fixture. These are the accessories used in the bolt gluing equipment, There are quite a lot of combination accessories. You can also install a four axis dispensing syringe hanger to carry out four axis dispensing. The effect is better.
  The glue dispensing device can be used in different industries. For example, anaerobic glue dispensing valve is used to make screw glue dispensing machine, and hot melt glue dispensing valve can be used for sponge coating. There are many specifications suitable for the application of manufacturers, and the flexibility is very strong. Therefore, there are many names for bolt gluing equipment, which can be used according to the difference of glue and accessories , solve different industry problems, sponge coating manufacturers if the application of our machines, will also have a very good effect!
  Sponge coating manufacturers generally use hot-melt adhesive, and the hot-melt adhesive needs to be heated and equipped with a special hot-melt adhesive device to heat and glue. It can maintain the uniformity of the amount of use. Good coating on the sponge will make it easier. The effect of the application industry will also be great. Sponge coating will improve the quality and improve the effect! According to our company's existing machines for sponge coating manufacturers, the reaction effect is OK. Recently, more machines have been added.
  Screw gluing machine with four axis dispensing needle tube pendant can complete four products gluing at one time. Of course, the same product is required! For those with relatively difficult or large specifications, it is recommended to use single axis ones with small track tracks, which can improve the gluing speed and guarantee the quality. The configuration of bolt gluing equipment depends on what glue and products your company uses. In combination with the requirements, the corresponding gluing equipment can improve the gluing efficiency!