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How can manual dispensing gun draw wire

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  How can wire drawing be done with glue gun? Wire drawing will be caused by the following several situations, according to our company's experience in the use of dispensing gun, the paper summarizes several situations, which will lead to wire drawing of glue gun. Let's learn about it together.

  Causes for wire drawing of manual dispensing gun:

  1. Glue viscosity, some glue characteristics, strong viscosity, after each dispensing, may lead to glue does not break in time, the appearance of wire drawing.
  2. Product pressing is not very good, easy to loose the product is particularly easy to draw, in the extraction of glue gun, you need to press the product to improve the glue breaking effect.
  3. Air pressure stability: the manufacturer may use air pressure for many machines, which may lead to unstable air pressure, which also has a great impact on glue breaking, so as to avoid the problem of insufficient air pressure.
  We also have quite a lot of dispensing control methods, because our Dalingshan dispensing machine manufacturer has applied many production scenarios, and automatic machines and manual machines should also be applied. Therefore, we have a clear understanding of the wire drawing problem of manual glue gun. We can solve the problem according to the actual production situation, test each sample, eliminate the waterproof and solve the glue drawing problem, which is really inappropriate The dispensing valve can also be replaced. The dispensing control method is quite right, which can be targeted! Spare parts and machines are enough.
  The dispensing control method ensures the air pressure stability and observes the glue viscosity. According to the dispensing requirements, the dispensing needle is configured, and then the dispensing test is conducted. The dispensing amount and air pressure are adjusted according to the demand, and then the dispensing effect is slowly controlled to ensure that there will be no manual glue gun drawing problem. Our Dalingshan dispensing machine has summed up experience for many years, and it is also used in the buzzer dispensing In order to avoid wire drawing problem, the tightness of the fixture should be considered when using the automatic dispensing machine.
  The glue dispensing of buzzer is to apply glue around to make it stick tightly inside the buzzer. In fact, bonding can also improve the volume and quality of sound. It is the same reason as coating the sound core of the horn. Because the horn makes sound by vibration, the glue effect is not good, and it is easy to make noise. Therefore, there are still some requirements for the dispensing of buzzer film. The accuracy must be achieved and the speed is the same, Daling Mountain dispensers also strive to find a suitable dispensing control method, manufacturing the right machine, to meet the requirements of buzzer dispensing.
  How can manual glue gun wire drawing? In fact, the manufacturer does not understand the characteristics of glue, which will lead to problems. Before purchasing, you can consult customer service first to determine whether it can meet the use demand and how the dispensing effect is. After these are determined, you can purchase. If you have this demand, you can contact us!